The time has come for us to expand our family for the chance to go national, and envelop every major city of the country into one big, inky, kind of sweaty hug.


  • One or two x 4 color screen printing presses capable of 50-300 impressions per hour.
  • A 110v electrical conveyor oven to cure ink.
  • Ink, screens, and other basic supplies like tape, hand wipes, etc.
  • Two 6ft tables to sort orders.
  • Kick-ass printers like you in any major city of America!


  • Scheduling, organization, and payment negotiations with client.
  • The blank garments and designs necessary for the job.
  • An all-seeing event manager to help from beginning to end.
  • The spring in our step to get you your cut of the profits.

Drop us a line at, fill out our form below, or give us a call at (773) 490-3065. Just don’t send us a carrier pigeon cause we probably won’t get it. Also birds carrying tiny mail kinda freak us out.