As MLB season came to a close, the excitement that lived within stadiums across the country started winding down as well.

Busch Stadium, on the other hand, had one more night of fun before closing out the Cardinal's 2023 baseball season. Hewlett Packard hosted an event where guests had a great time sharing drinks and conversations on the very field where great players like Stan Musial had once played. Thanks to the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum, they were also given a chance to hit a few balls with a few different player's bats!

As if that wasn't enough, guests were pleasantly surprised when they stepped over to first base and saw that right across from Big Mac Land, the team was waiting for them with our embroidery machines and a stack of Cardinals hats ready to be embroidered on the spot with any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols they wanted!

Everyone who attended the event got to leave with their initials, favorite player's number, or silly nickname on a Cardinals hat- a great memento of their time on the St. Louis Cardinal's home field.