Lost in a tropical paradise... indoors!

Surrounded by the subtle sweet scent of burning wood and rain water, Liveprinting.com spent a relaxing but electric evening under the lush canopy created by a breathtaking indoor forest at Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.

While guests were already captivated upon entering the electric forest, the excitement only grew as they gradually unveiled what was waiting for them. Past the ornate fountain, live band, and the Gator Pond, which yes, did have 6 very real, very alive alligators living in it, was an open room waiting for guests to enter and unleash their creative side. Not only was Liveprinting.com waiting for them with our lasers, but across from us was a table set up with a wide array of cowboy hats ready to be decorated with feathers, leather, jewels, and tassels!

Hewlett-Packard went above and beyond with this event, and guests were obviously delighted by everything that surrounded them. Many were eager to have a fancy new cigar box in their possession, and that excitement only grew when they found out we were there to customize them... with lasers! Some prefered to keep their boxes clean and simple with their names and initials, others chose poems, clever phrases like 'Open In Case of Emergency', and silly nicknames like 'Old Smokey'.

We were ecstatic to bring such an exciting element to an already wonderful event. This was only Liveprinting.com's third laser event, and we can already tell our future with laser live events is bright!