The Museum of Pop Culture recently came alive as, the custom apparel printing experts, joined the Seattle Sounders for a party marking their shift to a new brand identity ahead of their 50th-anniversary campaign.

The night was electric, with fans eagerly anticipating the Sounders' new look and bonding in the spirit of the team. added an extra layer of excitement to the event with their on-site custom shirt printing service. Using their user-friendly ordering app, guests selected their favorite designs and received freshly printed shirts, each one a unique memento of the evening.

The party featured a DJ, a 360-degree photo booth for fun snapshots, and the iconic Museum of Pop Culture as the venue. As the night concluded, provided an end-of-event report, summarizing the number of shirts printed and the most popular designs.

This collaboration between and the Seattle Sounders not only elevated the event but also showcased's commitment to creative, tech-driven custom apparel solutions. It was a night of unity, innovation, and sports culture, setting the stage for the Sounders' exciting rebrand and 50th-anniversary campaign.