Looking for a live customization experience for merch that goes beyond garments? Look no further! Liveprinting.com now does live events- with LASERS!

It may seem straightforward, but there is much more to laser engraving than meets the eye. When the laser beam hit the surface of a material, the beam gets absorbed, and the light energy converts to heat. The temperature in this localized area gets so high that it causes the surface of the material to vaporize- leaving a deep mark! The beam moves quickly to essentially burn the desired design into the material.

The result? A clean, crisp design on almost any material you can think of!

Our other live activations have surprised and delighted guests with custom garments on the spot, but laser engraving allows us to decorate a wider range of materials.

Anything leather, cork, wood, glass, acrylic, and metal can be decorated on site!

We have already done a few laser events, and all of them have been a blast. So far we have engraved leather journals, metal flasks, and wooden cigar boxes, but the possibilities are endless- we can't wait to see what you come up with at your next event!