We can now offer guests a simulated chain stitched design option to choose from for the ultimate customization experience!

The chain stitch is a traditional stitch that loops one continuous thread into itself, and is most often used to hem jeans or create small designs. It is known as one of the most difficult stitches to execute, but the result is a clean icon. While there are machines designed specifically for chain stitches, we have found a way to create chain stitched designs with our very own machines. In the past we've paired with chain stitch artisans to add an icon, and though it's cool to watch it's very impractical in terms of timing.

By simulating chain stitch with our embrdoiery machines each design only takes a couple minutes!

In order to keep events running smoothly, we like to keep anything we do live under three minutes per item, and for that reason, designs would need to be relatively small and simple. As the pictured garments show, though, even a small peace sign or cactus can add an extra special flare and with added personilization like names or initials it makes for an awesome customized garment.

We're so excited to adorn all kinds of hats, totes, beanies, sweaters, scarves, backpacks, and anything else we can embroider with letters, numbers, and now, adorable designs!