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26 college campuses

Live Printing Spirit Wear Across 26 College Campuses

Elevating the Experience: Adidas' Dynamic Live Printing Engagements across 26 College Campuses

In a trailblazing series of activations, Adidas, a powerhouse in the sports industry, joined forces with to reshape live printing into an immersive engagement strategy, setting up screen printing and handjet activations right before the homecoming football game at a series of colleges.

This innovative approach was the cornerstone of an expansive initiative spanning 26 college campuses. With Adidas firmly entrenched as sponsors of diverse college sports programs, they embarked on creating unforgettable moments for students and faculty alike. Central to this endeavor was an activation at each campus, featuring 4 different college inspired designs for each student to choose from, along with a series of school mantras that could be decorated onto the shirts at our handjet gun station. This comprehensive series, seamlessly integrating tangible engagement, shared spirit, and digital amplification, unequivocally demonstrated Adidas' prowess in revolutionizing brand interactions, fostering profound connections, and etching indelible memories.

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