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Onsite Hat Creation Station at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Our Hat Creation Station revved up excitement, giving guests a chance to design their own hats with an array of unique patches that screamed Motortrend style. The station was a pitstop of creative fun, equipped with patches, hats, and magic application tech, the trailblazer in dynamic event experiences, joined forces with Motortrend to orchestrate an enthralling onsite hat creation station at the iconic Atlanta Motor Speedway. The concept was tailored to Motortrend's legacy of automotive excellence, offering guests an opportunity to craft personalized hats adorned with a selection of unique patches. The setup included a meticulously designed station, equipped with an array of patches, hats, and cutting-edge application technology.

Attendees went full throttle into the action. They handpicked patches representing their Motortrend vibes and saw them zoom onto their hats in real-time. Against the backdrop of the roaring Atlanta Motor Speedway, every hat became a badge of Motortrend pride.

The Hat Creation Station shifted gears in brand engagement. Customized hats didn't just sit on heads – they became mobile billboards of Motortrend enthusiasm. Attendees paraded their unique creations online, turbocharging Motortrend's social presence.

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